April 4, 2016



You know when you tell your friend you will meet them at 7:30 but neither of you are ever on time so you say 7:30 ISH.

Ish is an approximate because it’s not quite a sauce or a dip or a spread. It’s a little bit of all three and nothing like you have ever had before.

Ish Sauze is for those who crave adventure, look forward to nature chewing them up and spitting them out; for those who care about
health, travel and connecting with friends. Bringing old and new friends together over food that fuels our bodies and gives us energy to do and see more.

How many times do you read the label on food products and are dumbfounded on how to pronounce the name of the ingredients let alone know what they are?
Ish Sauze is all vegan & gluten free with no preservatives and all ingredients you can pronounce the name of… How bout that?